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WHY BIRDS SING is now published in Italian and Spanish as well.

Soon to appear in Taiwanese, Korean, Chinese, and German







April               The 80 minute documentary WHY BIRDS SING airs on BBC4


Feb. 27th         Show w/ British electronic musician Scanner at Tonic, NYC, 8 pm


Mar. 15th        Nature Institute, Ghent, NY


Mar. 22nd        Chappaqua Public Library, NY


Mar. 28th        Hudson Valley Audubon Society, Bronxville Public Library, NY


May 7th           Great South Bay Audubon Society Dinner, Bay Shore, NY









You can read a portion of the book concerning nightingales on the webzine www.terrain.org here:





An interview on the page with David Rothenberg from

the American Music Center:





An interview with David Rothenberg in the New York Times

Science Section:







John Schaefer interviews David Rothenberg (and the Guarneri String Quartet!) on WNYC’s program Soundcheck:





David Rothenberg live on the Diane Rehm Show, May 11, 2005:





50 minute interview with David Rothenberg on Wisconsin Public Radio

show “Here on Earth” with Jean Feraca, May 22, 2005





David Rothenberg on the KALX radio show Berkeley Groks:





David Rothenberg on “To the Best of Our Knowledge,” May 29, 2005





David Rothenberg on “Animals Aloud,” XM Satellite Radio,











April 10  Worlds End Bookstore, Beacon, NY, 3-5 pm


April 16  New York University, NY,


The New York Institute of the Humanities and New York City Audubon present “What’s Up When Birds Sing?” with: David Rothenberg, Lang Elliot, Don Kroodsma, Ofer Tchernichovski, Michael Pestel, Alan Vardy, Breyten Breytenbach, Frederic Vencl, Eric Salzman, and Pamela Z


April 20  concert, Salisbury State University, Salisbury, MD, 8 pm


April 23-24  Pittsburgh, Earth Day Festival, The National Aviary

                      with Michael Pestel, www.aviary.org


April 28-30   Conference on Walking at University of Illinois, Urbana, IL

with David Abram, Jack Turner, www.walkinginplace.org


May 1  Entertaining Science at Cornelia St. Café, New York, NY, 6 pm

with Partha Mitra and Leon Gruenbaum


May 3  Cody’s Books, Berkeley, CA, 7:30 pm


May 5  Capitola Book Café, near Santa Cruz, CA, 7:30 pm


May 6  Book Passage, Corte Madera, CA, 7 pm


May 7  Point Reyes Books, Pt. Reyes, CA, 4 pm


May 11  Washington, DC, live on the Diane Rehm show, WAMU    11am


May 12  University of Connecticut Coop, Storrs, CT, 6 pm


May 15  Merritt Bookstore, Cold Spring, NY, 2 pm


May 21  Merritt Bookstore, Millbrook, NY, 4 pm 


June 3   Puffin Foundation, Teaneck, NJ   8 pm  


June 5             Nature Center, Darien, CT, 3 pm

in association with Barrett Bookstore


June 9, 11       Religion and Nature Conference, Bard College


June 11           World’s End Books, Beacon, NY  ENCORE EVENT!,   5-7 pm


June 17           Ariel Books, New Paltz, NY, with Dan Koeppel,

                        author of “See Every Bird on Earth”, 7 pm


June 18           Hudson River Clearwater Festival, at Merritt Books stand, 4 pm


June 25           Colony Café, Woodstock, NY, 7:30 pm


Aug. 4-6         MĆren Biennial, Sognefjord, Norway


Sep. 19           Dance Theater Workshop, New York, NY

                        Panel discussion with dancer Jennifer Monson


Sep. 22           Abington Art Center, Jenkintown, PA

                        concert with Michael Pestel


Sep. 25           Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art

                        Peekskill, NY, 5 pm


Oct. 6              Westport Library, Westport, CT, 7:30 pm


Oct. 23            Putnam County Audubon Center

                        Taconic Outdoor Center, Fahnestock State Park, NY


Nov. 2                        SUNY Brockport, Brockport, NY


Nov. 13          92nd St. Y, New York, NY, www.92Y.org


Nov. 20          The Spitz, London, concert with Rinne Radio


Nov. 22          Oxford Brookes University, Social Sculpture Department


Nov. 24          concert, Dartington Hall, Dartington, England


Nov. 26          Peak Literature Festival, Darbyshire, with Colin Tudge.


Nov. 28          Royal Institution, London, England

                        w/Steven Mithen, David Toop, and Evan Parker


Nov. 29          Borders Books, Norwich, England


Dec. 11th       Ear to the Earth Festival, w/Steven Feld and Miya Masaoka

                        New York University, New York, NY





Jan. 16-22       Edges of the Mind Conference, Rome, Italy      

                        with Rebecca Goldstein, Mark Hauser, and Steven Pinker


Feb. 20th        Cornelia St. Café, New York, NY


Feb. 24th        The New York Times Travel Expo, Javits Center, NY


Mar. 8                        NY City Audubon, New York, NY


Apr. 28-29      Newburyport Literary Festival, Newburyport, MA


May 26th         Insect Arts Pestival, London, England, www.pestival.org


June 21-23     ideaCity, Toronto, Canada


Sep. 17th         concert, Glynwood Center, Cold Spring


Oct. 14th          concert, Van Brunt Gallery, Beacon NY


Oct. 15th          concert w/John Wieczorek, Wave Hill, Bronx, NY 








"David Rothenberg is one of the rare musicians who is devoted to exploring the voices of the natural world. I would hope this book might encourage others to follow suit."


--Paul Winter, founder of the Winter Consort



"Why Birds Sing is a witty, insightful, intrepid, and delightful meditation on the limits of science and reason to comprehend not only birdsong but all of nature's mysteries."


--John Horgan, author of The End of Science and Rational Mysticism



"This book is exuberant! Exuberantly intellectual, exuberantly alive. And when you are finished with it the world will seem more alive as well, which is an awful lot for one book to accomplish."


--Bill McKibben, author of Wandering Home



“A Best Science Book of 2005”


--Library Journal



"Measured in new ideas and speculations per pound, this book leads the pack."


--Birding Magazine



Impressive and stimulating: an enticing exploration…”


--Kirkus Reviews



"Rothenberg delves heartily into the lovely and strange structures of bird songs, and finds enough syllables, rhythms and syncopations to fill a jazz encyclopedia."


--Publishers Weekly



Why Birds Sing transforms one of those taken-for-granted things into let's-think-about-it-again stuff.”


--The New York Times



"Rothenberg stalks the mystery brilliantly, but in the end it eludes him.  Perhaps, he suggests, that like us, birds sing for joy, simply because they can."


--Los Angeles Times



“An engaging introduction to song.”


--Tim Birkheard, Times Literary Supplement, London


“A remarkable book full of information and insight.”





"There's plenty of science in this lyrical book, along with an open sense of wonder."





“A wonderful book.”


--Conde Nast Traveler



“A mind-expanding study”


--The Dail Mail



“The author’s infectious enthusiasm extends a winningly simple invitation: to listen, and learn”


--Lawrence Norfolk, The Sunday Telegraph



“An intimate look at the most lovely of natural phenomena, with surprising insights about the origin of music."


--Bird Times



“What makes this book… truly beautiful is its open-endedness, its… transcendental joy at listening to nature's music.”


--The Philadelphia Inquirer



“Rothenberg tackles his question with delight.  Ultimately, he is most concerned with wonder…”


--Anthony Doerr, Boston Globe



“You will never hear birds the same way again.”


--Claudia Marshall, WFUV FM



"With a musician's ear and a poet's heart, he seeks to describe, more than decode, the nearly boundless richness of birdsong's beauty."


--Sy Montgomery, Discover



“His trained mind loves the clarity and order that science seeks, but Rothenberg also delights in the chaotic and the inexplicable.  He is a science/art amphibian.”


--Simon Barnes, New Scientist



“A timely book, and likely to be a popular one.”


--Andrew Motion, The Guardian



"An exuberant book, rich with a love for bird songs and full of the mystery they evoke in the human spirit."





“Explores all points of view in a manner original and passionate.”


--Panorama, [Italy]



 “Rothenberg is a participant in the passerine orchestra, not just an observer.  Benny Goodman, eat your heart out!”


--E Magazine



Never before have I read anything, fiction or non-fiction, that so elegantly unites science and art to delve deeper into the mystery of life.”


--The Evening Sun



"A bird does not sing because it has an answer.

It sings because it has a song."


--A Fortune Cookie